Sponsorship Branding

Exhibition space

The bespoke display area provides your company with a focal point to network during the conference and a high profile branding opportunity.  With sufficient space to display your marketing messaging, this area allows delegates to find you, and for you to demonstrate your product and initiate new business relationships.  The morning and afternoon refreshment breaks take place here each day, providing the attendees dedicated time to network with exhibitors.

Exclusive sponsorship of the wifi login

Your company will serve as the exclusive sponsor of the conference internet access point.  The name of the onsite wifi service and the password will be changed to words of your choice (some restrictions apply).  Your company logo and name will be displayed on the wifi login page throughout the conference. 

Exclusive sponsorship of the digital app

Your company will serve as the exclusive sponsor of the onsite conference app.  All attendees to the conference will be offered access to the app in the days before the event in order to plan the sessions they want to watch. The app will be the place all attendees view the latest speaker information, program and news. 

Exclusive sponsorship of the attendee badges

Demonstrate your market position and promote your brand by having your full colour logo on every single visitor, speaker and sponsor badge.  This provides high profile recognition at the event, with attendee seeing your logo hundreds of times.

Exclusive sponsorship of the event lanyards

To reinforce your company’s primary role and brand positioning throughout the event, your company’s logo will appear on the lanyards worn by all attendees.  To make an even bigger impact, also take the badge sponsorship.

Exclusive sponsorship of the lunches

Your company will foster industry goodwill and build new relationships in a focused, relaxed setting as hosts of the event lunch.  Your logo will appear multiple times in the lunch area.

Exclusive sponsorship of the coffee breaks

Reinforce your company’s industry ties and extend goodwill as the exclusive host of one of the refreshment breaks. Your branding will be prominently displayed throughout. 

Exclusive sponsorship of breakfast on day 2

Your company will serve as exclusive hosts of breakfast on day two of the conference. Signage will prominently promote your company throughout the function area.

Taking part in a panel session

Presenting alongside leading industry executives will enable your organization to immediately establish your industry knowledge and expertise through thought leadership. Your company will have the opportunity to actively participate on a panel during the conference.

Exclusive sponsorship of the seat covers

One of the most impactful branding opportunities is to provide seat covers for the conference chairs. Your brand will stand out clearly on a background of your choice applied to the front and back of each conference seat, including the plenary and parallel streams. Seat cover are produced to order and are made to measure for the venue chairs.  You are welcome to take them with you after the event has closed.

Chair a stream or panel

Align your company with industry leaders by chairing a session. Your company’s leadership will open the session with a 5 minute kick-off address, introduce the speakers and facilitate the Q&A session and promote knowledge and expertise before industry executives. Chairing will facilitate your networking efforts for the duration of the conference.

Exclusive sponsorship of the registration area

The registration area is the first place all of our speakers and delegates interact onsite, allowing a powerful branding message to be delivered.  Prominent branding will be provided at the registration desk and surrounding area.

Exclusive sponsorship of the pillars

Within the exhibition area at 155 Bishopsgate three columns allow high quality branding to be applied around their complete circumference, making a strong branding statement. Low tack vinyl artwork will be created based on your artwork and professionally applied for the duration of the event.