Manoj Saxena

Chairman AI Global

Manoj Saxena is a Chairman for AI Global, a non-profit organization focused on catalyzing practical and responsible design, development and use of Artificial Intelligence to expand the opportunities and minimize harm from AI in local and global communities. He is also a Chairman for CognitiveScale, an Augmented Intelligence software which helps businesses apply Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain technology to solve complex business problems at scale for financial services, healthcare, and digital commerce markets.

He has recently served as the Chairman of the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas, San Antonio and retired after six years. Manoj also led IBM Watson Software Division as its first General Manager and helped with the formation of Watson Business Group in January 2014 with a $1B investment from IBM. 

Conference Day One: 16 September 2019

Monday, September 16th, 2019

9:00 AM Opening keynote: Can artificial intelligence be ethical? Some lessons from early adopters of ethical AI

Artificial Intelligence is here to stay and is rapidly being adopted in virtually every domain – from healthcare to finance and public safety and entertainment, to name a few.  However, most AI systems and ML models today are black-boxes that often function in oblique, invisible ways for both its developers and especially compliance staff and regulators.  This has led to Ethical and Regulatory concerns about how AI may harm the most vulnerable driven the need for building Trusted and Ethical Responsible AI systems — AI applications and models that are free from bias, transparent in their operations, and are able to reflect the core values and policies of the business and governments. This session will address the importance of Ethical AI and how it is being applied currently by businesses and governments.

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