Emmett Kilduff

Founder Eagle Alpha

Emmett Kilduff is a fintech entrepreneur (founder of Eagle Alpha), regular speaker on alternative data and former investment banker (Morgan Stanley and Credit Suisse).

Eagle Alpha was established in 2012 to provide alternative data solutions to seekers and sellers of alternative data. 

Solutions for seekers include Data Sourcing, Data Analytics, Data Strategy and Bespoke Projects. To learn more about Eagle Alpha’s solutions for seekers visit eaglealpha.com. 

Solutions for sellers include Free Profiles, Sales Referrals, Sales Surge, PE DD Club, Dashboards (Direct Sales) and Joint Ventures. To learn more about Eagle Alpha’s solutions for sellers visit sellaltdata.com.

Prior to founding Eagle Alpha Emmett was an investment banker with Morgan Stanley and Credit Suisse. Morgan Stanley was the first investment bank to launch a big data offering (Alphawise) within its research department - that was the original inspiration for Eagle Alpha.

Emmett has a Masters in the Internet and a Bachelor's degree in Business and Law.

Conference Day One: 16 September 2019

Monday, September 16th, 2019

12:40 PM Alpha capture for alternative datasets

Twenty years ago fund managers asked if there was alpha in traditional research and stockbroker recommendations. What followed over the next two decades was the establishment of alpha capture networks to measure the value of broker recommendations. 
Today, with the exponential growth in alternative data, we ask ourselves a similar question – is there alpha in alternative data? To date this has been ascertained through extensive alpha testing by the buyers of alternative data. The recommendations and case studies from vendors are questioned like broker reports of 20 years ago.
At AI & Data Science in Trading, Eagle Alpha, is launching the first alpha capture solution based on alternative datasets. As the largest aggregator, with over 1,000 dataset relationships and growing, we are uniquely positioned to independently aggregate, track and measure dataset predictions. 
The key benefits for buyers of alternative datasets include dataset prioritization and capturing alpha. 


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