Claudi Ruiz Camps

Senior Machine Learning Specialist ABN AMRO Clearing Bank

Claudi Ruiz Camps is a Senior Machine Learning Specialist at ABN AMRO Clearing Bank, and has been doing research in Machine Learning for the industry since 2015. ABN AMRO Clearing Bank is recognised as a leading provider for integrated solutions in the domain of execution, clearing, custody, financing and risk management across asset classes, on a wide range of markets globally. Part of ABN AMRO Group, ABN AMRO Clearing has 11 offices globally employing more than 800 staff. ABN AMRO Clearing services clients on 160+ exchanges, MTFs, dark pools and FX liquidity centres and consistently ranks as a top 3 clearer in most time zones. Claud is currently tackling problems such as unsupervised anomaly detection, information compression, clustering and automatic hyper-parameter optimization. 

Claudi studied Physics at Autonomous University of Barcelona and a master's degree in Automatic Control and Robotics at Technical University of Catalonia.

Conference Day One: 16 September 2019

Monday, September 16th, 2019

1:55 PM Unsupervised learning applied to trade data

ABN AMRO Clearing Bank works with considerably large amounts of data every day. Using this data we design and deploy in production deep learning models together with hyper-parameter optimization models to approach some of their business cases. Our talk will be focused on how to get insight and meaningful lower-dimensional representations of the data. 

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