Afsheen Afshar

Former Chief Artificial Intelligence Officer Cerberus Capital Management / JPMorgan Chase

Afsheen Afshar is a senior business executive and deep AI expert, currently on the advisory board for Aginity, and is a technical advisor for DotAlign Inc.

At Cerberus Capital Management, Dr. Afshar led the development of a proprietary operations platform focused on artificial intelligence and machine learning, the goal of which is to empower Cerberus' portfolio companies and trading desks with the technological, analytical, and cultural perspectives to extract measurable value out of raw data. He was also previously Chief Data Science Officer of J.P. Morgan’s Corporate & Investment Bank (CIB), overseeing data science functions across all parts of the CIB.

Afsheen holds an M.S., Ph.D., and M.D. from Stanford University, and a B.S.E. from Princeton University.

Conference Day One: 16 September 2019

Monday, September 16th, 2019

10:50 AM The asset allocator's view

How do you decide about how much to invest in AI driven funds, and justify the decision to your board and shareholders? A panel of leading asset allocators share their decision making process and discuss the importance of issues like interpretability and compliance

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