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Interview: Anthony Tassone, CEO, GreenKey Technologies

Anthony Tassone is the Founder and CEO of GreenKey Technologies (GK), which develops natural language processing technology that structures voice and chat data for banks and trading firms. GK is based in Chicago with offices in New York and London.  

Interview: William Kelly, CEO, CAIA

William Kelly, CEO, CAIA  answers our questions on the biggest challenges facing data scientists/AI experts/quantitative investors in 2019/2020 and why they are important. The Chartered Alternative Investment Analyst (CAIA) Association is the world leader in alternative investment education. 

Interview: Alejandra Litterio, Chief Research Officer, Eye Capital

Alejandra Litterio, Chief Research Officer at Eye Capital, gives us an insight into unlocking the potential of NLP for Finance. Eye Capital is a technological and financial company applying Artificial Intelligence, a series of computational programs which are able to process and learn from past events simulating human being learning abilities, to create a sophisticated ecosystem of automated financial trading.

Interview: Gene Ekster, Co-Founder, Alternative Data Group

Gene Ekster - the Co-Founder of Alternative Data Group - talks us through data mapping. Alternative Data Group was started in 2017 to support the use of alternative data by institutional investors, and help their clients to develop internal, bespoke products based on raw Alternative Data.

Interview: Tim Baker, Global Head of Applied Innovation, Refinitiv

Refinitiv's Global Head of Applied Innovation, Tim Baker, answers our questions. Tim currently leads a team of talented data and research scientists, design and u/x experts, as well as software engineers. With labs located in San Francisco, New York, London & Singapore, his team is dedicated to collectively applying new technology and innovative approaches to solve business and customer challenges.  

Interview: Peter Hafez, RavenPack's leading alt data and AI specialist

Since joining RavenPack in 2008, Peter Hafez has been a pioneer in the field of applied news analytics, bringing alternative data insights to the world’s top banks and hedge funds. Here he answers our questions on the prospects for the alt data market and RavenPack’s latest innovations.

Interview: Armando Gonzalez, RavenPack's expert in applied big data & AI technologies

Armando is an expert in applied big data and artificial intelligence technologies. He has designed systems that turn unstructured content into structured data, primarily for financial trading applications. Armando is widely regarded as one of the most knowledgeable authorities on automated text and sentiment analysis. Here he answers our questions on the prospects for the alt data market and RavenPack’s latest innovations.

Interview: Rob Sloan, Research Director, WSJ Pro

Rob Sloan researches and publishes a wide range of papers & articles, and hosts seminars, conferences, and briefings aimed at educating executives on cyber risk. Rob also writes a weekly column in the Wall Street Journal's popular, member-only, WSJ Pro Cybersecurity newsletter. Here he answers our questions on the AI talent war the challenges faced by organisations in recruiting and retaining the right talent.

Interview: L.D. Salmanson, Co-Founder, Cherre

L.D. Salmanson, Co-Founder of Cherre; a real estate data network committed to empowering all stakeholders with an interconnected data-driven platform to execute more transactions, answers our questions. 

Interview: Bill Pecoriello, Founder & CEO, Consumer Edge

Learn more about Consumer Edge from their founder & CEO, Bill Pecoriello, as he answers our questions. Consumer Edge is a preeminent equity research and alternative data insights boutique focused on the global consumer sector. Since its founding in 2009 CE has focused on the nexus of research and data. CE continues this focus today, delivering leading equity research with next-generation alternative data solutions. 

Interview: Sylvain Forté, Founder & CEO, SESAMm

Co-Founder & CEO of SESAMm, Sylvain Forté answers our questions on the alt data market  and the future of AI & Data Science. SESAMm is an innovative FinTech company specializing in Big Data and Artificial Intelligence for Asset Management. They build analytics and investment signals based on 250,000 textual data sources worldwide using Natural Language Processing and specifically emotions analysis. 

Interview: Marko Djukic, Founder & CEO, Hentsū

Marko Djukic is the Founder and CEO of Hentsū, a technology specialist uniquely delivering public cloud-based solutions to hedge funds and asset managers. Here he answers our questions on the future of technology used to generate alpha and much more.

Interview: Philip Brittan, CEO, Crux Informatics

Crux Informatics' CEO, Philip Brittan, has thirty years of experience in the FinTech sector, both as a serial entrepreneur and as a business leader in larger firms. Here he answers our questions on the talent war of AI/ML, the introduction of cloud computing in the financial industry and the future of the alt data market.