“There is so much hype and confusion surrounding AI and alt data at the moment. 
The AI & Data Science in Trading conference separates the hype from the reality”
Professor David Hand, Imperial College, London

The world of Capital Markets is changing. Soon there will be no room for traditional players without any digital capabilities – markets will become increasingly efficient and the margin pool will shrink. Profit distribution will become skewed – if you aren’t the best you won’t be able to compete. But technology has its limitations and there is still very much a place for human traders – if you can’t apply the mathematics to the real world then the tools are useless. 

So how do you find the balance between man and machine and tap into that undiscovered alpha?

The Artificial Intelligence and Data Science in Trading conference will provide senior management from all levels of funds and investment banks, fundamental to systematic, with the latest tools and techniques to maximize margins and discover a competitive edge. 

You will learn from 95 world-class speakers, from leading asset management companies, academia and technology providers. Meet with peers and international experts whose focus and challenges are completely aligned with yours.

Topics include:

Risk Management & Regulation

Quantitative Trading Strategies for All Levels

Data Analysis and Management

The Latest Technological Advancements – from Quantum Computing to NLU

Machine Learning and NLP

Recruitment and Talent Sourcing

Join us in London, 16-17 September to benchmark your business and find your winning strategy.

"Excellent conference; I have been to several ML finance in the last 6 months; this was unequivocally the best."

Joseph Chiasson, Data Scientist

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